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Company Terms and Conditions

The client understands that:

Pet Exports UK Ltd is not liable for the mortality of pets due to natural causes and all pets are accepted at owner’s risk.

Pet Exports UK Ltd and or their agents cannot be held responsible for any transit kennel size miscalculation based on incorrect measurements and other information supplied by the customer.

Pet Exports UK Ltd and or their agents accept no responsibility for inconvenience or cost incurred by the rescheduling, delay or cancellation of flights by the airline.

Any quoted price is valid for 3 months, but is occasionally subject to amendment due to unforseen airline charge increases.

All export air shipments may be subject to the following and may be affected by or incur extra charges due to:

  1. Changes due to Flight availability i.e. Because of aircraft hold size (height restriction).
  2. Changes made by airlines of departure times and departure airport (eg Gatwick to Heathrow).
  3. Occasional seasonal minimum/maximum temperature restrictions imposed by some airlines.
  4. Current import requirements of destination country.

The client must also understand that:

  1. The decision as to whether any veterinary treatment or medicine shall be administered to the animal(s) and as to what treatment and medicine (if any) is requisite shall be a matter within the sole and absolute discretion of the veterinary surgeon prescribing for animals in the custody of Pet Exports Ltd and the owner shall accept as proper any such decision aforesaid. This treatment is not insured against so will have to be borne by the owner.
  2. Vaccinations: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus for dogs / feline Enteritis, cat flu for cats must have been administered within one year prior to entering our kennels and cattery. Intrac kennel cough for dogs must be administered within six months prior to entering our kennels.
  3. Whilst every endeavour is made to fulfil owner’s wishes, Pet Exports UK Ltd shall not be responsible for lost or damaged animal bedding/personal belongings.
  4. All animals are insured during transit by road in the UK and during their stay at the Kennels/Cattery. Owners wishing to insure their animal(s) from airport of departure to destination will need to make arrangements through their own insurance company. Dogs are insured against loss up to delivery to the airline to a maximum value of £500. Cats are insured against loss to a maximum value of £200.
  5. All charges to be paid before the said animal(s) is/are to be exported. Any animal left at the kennels/cattery for a period exceeding one month with no contact or payment from the owner/agent will be deemed to have been abandoned. We will then reserve the right to deal with the animal(s) in the manner of our choosing.
  6. On booking, a deposit of £100 is required (against shipping costs only) plus permit fees (where necessary) which is non refundable should you cancel.

Last updated 30/05/2018

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